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We'd like to show you why we believe you should choose Active Door and Window Company for your doors and windows.

We have pride in our products and our work.

oliverThe secret to our success at Active Door & Window Company is simple. We strive to give our customers the 'Best Of All Worlds'. This means being able to provide a national quality product, at extremely competitive prices, coupled with a friendly, local, personal service.

Our buying power means that we have been able to negotiate excellent prices with our suppliers of our windows, doors and conservatories. We are able to pass this on to you, so you can also rest assured you'll get the best value for money.

Our 'green credentials'.

All the materials used in the manufacture of our windows are completely recyclable - and in fact much of what we install is made from 100% recycled materials, so we're as 'Green' as possible. You can read more about this below or HERE.

Our doors and windows. Click here for more information.

The Highest Energy Rating available. Click for more.

Our windows are amongst the highest energy rated window you can buy. 

Energy Rating

This is in part due to the multi-chambered profile of the UPVC frame, which traps air and increases insulation properties. In addition the profile uses a fully welded PVC-u insert rather than one made from galvanised steel. This is warmer and - importantly - stronger than the steel reinforcement it replaces, due to the improved welding technique this allows. Read more HERE.

The Eurocell manufactured window inserts we install are made from 100% recycled material which is recyclable again and again to the same standard - or better. This both mitigates adding old window frames to landfill and also reduces the need to use more fossil fuels in their manufacture. Read more HERE.

Quality. Click for more.

window-smlQuality includes the energy rating and the excellent security features mentioned above, but Eurocell go even further. The profile of Eurocell windows is stunning. For example, check the windows made by other manufacturers and you'll see a thick black rubber strip at the edge of the glass. This detracts from their appearance and it's really not necessary. The excellent Eurocell profile makes the sealant strip all but invisible, which in turn improves overall security, and leaves your new windows looking great.

Security. Click for more.

We're very confident about the security features of the Eurocall windows we install. 

You can read more about the security features and their profile of these excellent windows by clicking HERE.

Glazing. We use Saint Gobain glass. Click to see why.

We use the excellent 'Saint Gobain' glass in all our windows and you can't get much better than that. This glass helps you to stay warm in Winter and cool in the Summer. It is also extremely transparent and colourless, so it does not cause 'yellowing' of the light transmitted. Such yellowing affects the preceived colour of curtains or furniture.

Competitive prices. Click for more - for less.

We manage to keep our prices low. In order to achieve this, we've negotiated a great deal with our suppliers. We don't have expensive manufacturing premises, instead we buy in from companies, such as Eurocell, which specialise in supplying excellent quality products to the trade. Eurocell won the coveted Building Awards 'Manufacturer of the Year' category in 2012, as you can see on the page linked HERE.

window-smlIn addition, Eurocell windows are easy to fit, virtually maintenance and fault free and extremely durable in comparison to similar products.

All the above means that we can install at competition beating prices. In fact, our on-going research into local competitor prices shows that on average, we can beat them by £50 per window, even though the windows we fit have the highest energy rating and possibly the best appearance and security features in the market.

Total 'in-house' expertise. Click for more.

Many of the larger companies sub-contract work out to whoever might be available to do the work at the time and they may take on casual labour if they're stretched, so you're taking pot-luck as to the quality of the workmanship you will get.

We see it this way: If a large company has 100 teams on the road, there'll be an average capability. 50% of those will be above average, 50% below. Which one will carry out your installation?

Our professional team consists of highly experienced, certificated builders, carpenters and joiners, not window labourers trained to be average installers. ALL installations are carried out only by the Active team. We employ no sub-contractors or inexperienced, temporary labour, so we can promise a personal, friendly service. You can meet the team HERE.

Our company has a wealth of testimonials gathered over more than 23 years, praising and thanking us for the quality of the products we install and for our workmanship. Please feel free to ask to see these. A small selection can be found on our testimonials page.

We fit Hurst Composite Doors. Click for more.

These great looking doors have proven levels of high security.

Hurst Composite DoorsThey have been independently tested and achieved full accreditation for the PAS 23/24 standard for both extreme weather conditions and severe physical attack. You can rest assured that the doors we fit are amongst the best in the market.

In fact, we guarantee that in the unlikely case of a break in, we'll pay £500 towards the repair or replacement of the door or window and £1000 towards the theft of valuables.

More information about Hurst Composite Doors can be found HERE.

We know your time is important to you. Click for more.

We're confident enough about the products we fit, our experience and expertise that we won't send a salesman around for 4 hours to try to wear you down to the point you'll agree to anything. Most of our new business - around 80% - comes by way of personal recommendation, our customers being our best 'sales force'.


Eurocell Conservatories. 
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