Eurocell Windows. 

Eurocell WindowsWe use the stunningly designed Eurocell window profile, which are designed to show as little of the black sealing strip at the edge as possible, further enhancing their visual appeal and security. Sometimes it's the little touches that make all the difference.


Saving on your energy bills.

Our windows are the highest energy rated window you can buy being 'A' rated. 

This is in part due to the multi-chambered profile of the UPVC frame, which traps air and increases insulation properties.

Energy RatingIn addition the profile uses a fully welded PVC-u insert rather than one made from galvanised steel. This is warmer and - importantly - stronger than the steel reinforcement it replaces, due to the improved welding technique this allows.


Eurocell's use of PVC-u thermal inserts, rather than galvanised steel, in their window profiles, endows several key benefits. 

  • It's more cost effective than steel or aluminium alternatives
  • It's faster and easier to fabricate than metal reinforcings
  • eurocell-thermal-inserts-smlIt improves the energy rating of the window, as PVC-u conducts heat less easily than metals.
  • It's stronger than the galvanised steel inserts used in other windows
  • Multi-chambered design for superior thermal performance
  • Made from 100% recycled material for minimal environmental impact
  • Creates PVC-u frames that are 100% recyclable
  • Fully BBA tested for quality assurance
  • Compatible with all Eurologik and Thermalogik profile systems

And there's more.

Our glass suppliers use a polymer spacer between the two panes, which means they're even better at keeping out the cold than those that use a metal spacer.

As to the glass itself, this is made by Saint Gobain. Its transparency is excellent. It's colourless, unlike many panes which are slightly yellow. This ensures the light coming through is colourless too, so your curtains and furniture will not be colour biased. 

Sometimes you need to go that little bit further, as do our glass suppliers.

But we're even greener than that!

recycling-pvc-u-smlThe Eurocell manufactured window inserts we install are made from 100% recycled material which is recyclable again and again to the same standard - or better. This both mitigates adding old window frames to landfill and also reduces the need to use more fossil fuels in their manufacture. Check out the Recycling Page.


reversible-windowsYou can rest assured that the windows and doors we fit are amongst the most secure in the market. After all, our window supplier, Eurocell, won 'Manufacturer of the Year, 2012' at the Building Awards ceremony.

All this, at a price around half that of the national windows and around £50 cheaper than the smaller, local suppliers.


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